Dershowitz: We have no right not to be vaccinated
The man is a constitutional law scholar, so he should know, right?

Qui me amat, amet et Deum meum.
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What Constitution?

Yep, I posted some more about this at the 

[url=]Trump Plans to Mobilize the Military to Vaccinate America

Alan Dershowitz, reveler of massages care of Epstein who he also defended and pal of Trump has some pretty inflammatory things to say about hauling us in and jabbing us "Amerikans" since we have no right to refuse!

And the drug companies can't be sued if anything goes wrong with the vaccines.

Segment starts at 20 minute mark.   BE SURE TO WATCH all the way to the 27 minute mark to see his most outrageous statements!

And Trump mobilizing the military is a major concern when you consider that about 9 cops showed up at Chipotle to deal with a customer who simply refused to wear a mask...

Don't miss the best part at 4 minutes in LOL!
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