Laurence England: The only safe space in the world
Quote:There a man or woman can find refuge from a hostile world that seeks man's downfall in a thousand ways. Before the Tabernacle, man can be close to the Heart of God, the Heart of Jesus Christ and pour out his soul, he can weep for his sins more readily in this sacred and safe space where God resides. In this safe space, guarded by holy angels, holy water and holy images, man can entrust all his most sordid and guilty secrets to a Confessor who acting in the Person of Christ, will bring healing and heavenly consolation and strength to the penitent sinner. Sinners, lost in a world of confusion, dread, anguish of soul, can obtain forgiveness here as in no other place in the world. Man can ascend the highest mountain peak and be no closer to God than he was at street level, yet he can walk mere yards into a Catholic Church and find Him there and be found.

Qui me amat, amet et Deum meum.
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