Question about prayer
Hello everyone i have an question about prayer which i am actually confused because i once readed that we can not just prayer as we do it usally at home but as well while walking or in store in nature while cooking or in shop yet this is where i feel confused this is why can someone help me understand this i will explain

How do we actually pray outside do we have to do sign of cross like usual and hold hands while walking or we do that right way before going outside?

Another thing should i do it in my mind instead i learned that we can pray for others while passing home to i like stay by the home and pray for neghitboor and should i avoid that other see me while doing that because i dont want to be hypocrate to be seen if you get me i mean?

Have enyone ever prayed while walking outside in nature for someone or enywhere else what s your experience can somone teach me how to do that i am still learning to pray afther i repented from my old ways

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