Churches timidly and weakly ask for offerings
I get an email from my parish each week about the unchanging status of the covid lockdown.  But every email has the same weak, mealy-mouthed request, something like, "May you please prayerfully consider donating to the parish during this challenging time?"

Other nearby parishes make the same sheepish requests on their websites and bulletins...thinks along the lines of, "May we gently remind you to consider making your weekly offering online"

Even the latest bulletin in one of the diocese's most beautiful Churches (which offers both FSSP Extraordinary and Ordinary form Masses) in a wealthy area is down over $40,000 since this thing started...but it's more, "please pray for the parish during this difficult time.  We humbly ask, if you can, to consider donating to the parish as we all face these unprecedented times."

As usual, the leaders don't get straight to the point.  How about, "UNLESS EVERYONE SETS UP AN ACCOUNT AND DONATES, YOU WON'T HAVE A CHURCH WHEN THIS IS ALL OVER!!!"

Something tells me that the nearby Baptist and Evangelical Churches aren't having the same problem.
Well, for some of the protestant churches, especially the non-denominational ones, it's do or die since it's inception. They are used to it. So they do have an advantage financially in that regard. 

I went to a Byzantine chapel recently and I don't recall them mentioning anything about the weekly donation at all.

But I don't at all that most parishes are hurting for money, but so are many of their parishioners who have cut hours or don't have a job at the moment.
Not one cent to the Church now, or ever again. They’ll waste it due to the various ineptitudes of people who are bad with money, or they will waste it on frivolous, materialistic causes.

They shouldn’t be so desperate. It doesn’t look good to close the doors to people, only to come out later to beg.
People who are not willing to chip in a few dollars to keep the lights on and the priest fed, shouldn't complain when they have no access to the Sacraments.
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