William M. Briggs: I Smell Victory
Buckle up.

I Smell Victory — Guest Post by Ianto Watt
MAY 21, 2020

Thank God for this Corona catastrophe. Yes, indeed, do thank Him! Why? Because this was the only way, short of an actual bullets-and-bombs blood-and-guts struggle, to wake the world up. Not from a simple nap. From a coma.

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Qui me amat, amet et Deum meum.
I don't see victory.

I see 1925 Italy. 1918 Russia. 1934 Germany.
I'm praying for the souls in purgatory. Come, let's empty Purgatory with Jesus' help!
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(05-23-2020, 03:21 AM)BobCatholic Wrote: I don't see victory.

I see 1925 Italy.  1918 Russia.  1934 Germany.

I agree. The Trump fanfare is ridiculous. We have had 0 indictments regarding the last two administrations.

I am now beginning to understand why some Catholics saw the French Revolution in a positive light. At some point it is absurd when you have a criminal upper echelon that just does whatever they want with zero consequences, while the lower class gets stomped on and forced to abide by their social experiments.
I did say 'buckle up'. ;-)

Trumps will come and go. (Clintons and Obamas, on the other hand, seem to be forever. If Trump is also a Zionist...)

The point is we have a moment to change course. Yes, it could turn out badly--we can see how the criminal class is trying to work this without actually having to fire a shot. They're incredibly lazy and want someone else--us--to do it for them.

Italy's hanging by a thread. (See my other, er, thread.) They have a much more pragmatic attitude toward revolution. If fire breaks out there, it'll probably catch here too; we're far from virtuous. But if enough of us WAKE UP, it doesn't have to be like that.

Seeing how close we've come to disaster, we could repent and turn to God instead.
Qui me amat, amet et Deum meum.

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