Do You Believe Tyranny Still Exists in USA?
Dear fellow members:

Some of us might be under the powerful impression that an agency like the FBI cannot ever be guilty of carrying out acts of tyranny today. But I must tell you otherwise.

Since my home is heavily bugged, after I criticized the FBI for dumping an extremely obvious car model in front of my neighbor's house, I immediately got attacked through my inability to do simple functions with my laptop. I barely, just barely was able to complete my last revision of King of the Bullies.

Then, things went from bad to much worse; I could not resume with my other Internet project. It was like my whole laptop just gotten taken over.

My sister, by now, had gone to their side, converting completely, that she often says to herself in mockery, "Oh, my God!", regarding anything about me. She obviously now supports the FBI in their insane tyranny of me.
Do I believe tyranny still exists in the United States?  Yes, I believe it it still exists and probably always will exist.

Here's a story from the 1990s.

George H.W. Bush famously said 'read my lips, no new taxes' as a campaign promise. When he later did raise taxes some reporters were shouting questions at President Bush while he was out jogging (imagine, a president out jogging in shorts and a sweatshirt). Well he looked over his shoulder and smirked 'read my hips', and jogged on. This whole display infuriated my dad so he wrote the President a letter. A couple weeks later he said while he was taking a nap in his car before the swing shift started when he woke up there was a car sitting nearby. He just shrugged it off till the same car started to always be there everytime. Kind of made it hard to take a nap, huh? 

So what did my dad do that was bad to be stalked by the gov't? 

He wrote: ' I read your hips and they said you're a smartass'.

Watch yourself, friend
Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!

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