Source Material for Church Fathers
Could anyone recommend any good secondary material for reading in the Fathers? I've been wanting to study them more here lately and really don't have a good idea about which sources would be good/faithful ones to use.

I have already the three volume set by Jurgens, The Faith of the Early Fathers. I have seen that Mike Aquilina (not a traditionalist, but still a prolific patristics author) has tonnes of books, but I haven't read any of his works.

There are also High Church protestants, like J.N.D. Kelly (Anglican) and Jaroslav Pelikan (Lutheran, then Eastern Orthodox). Would anyone recommend these authors? I also hear that Henry Chadwick (Anglican) is a good Church historian.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
I'm still in the phase of dipping my toes into the Fathers, but I bought 'Retrieving Nicaea' by Fr. Khaled Anatolios (a Melkite Greek Catholic priest) for my husband, and he really enjoyed it. He described it as scholarly and very dense. He's also read Fr. Andrew Younan and recommends him for the Syriac patristics.

Other authors to look into might be Fr. Adrian Fortescue and Fr. Aidan Nichols, though I haven't personally read any of their works. St. John Henry Newman would probably have some good resources as well, especially Arians of the Fourth Century.

Hopefully more expert help comes along for you soon... we honestly have far more primary resources in our personal library than secondary resources.
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This is somewhat related. There is an bible app called Catena which includes commentary of each verse from the Fathers as well as Haydock. I personally would rather have a physical copy but it's a free app.
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