Primacy of conscience and following the Pope
A lot could be said, but that's probably not helpful.

In short, the Pope does not engage infallibility or even his teaching authority by every statement or encyclical letter, and what he teaches has to be given a degree of assent depending on several factors. If what he teaches is defined doctrine, then it has to be accepted without doubt and by Faith. If he teaches what is theologically certain, then also it has to be accepted as true, but not by Faith, since it is a conclusion of reason. When the Pope merely give a theological opinion or pious exhortation this need to be given a deference depending on the degree to which it reflects the Catholic doctrine and dogma.

It should be noted that this is nothing new, nor is the problem new. When John XXII taught in several sermons that those who died in the State of Grace did not see the Beatific Vision until the Last Judgement, various theologians, and in fact the whole University of Paris (a main center of theological training and experts) called him a heretic for this after warning him several times through filial corrections. We know his statement was heretical because his successor declared it infallible to be so.

That said, in the realm of practical conclusions and application of principles, Popes can certainly differ on approaches. 

And so when there is question, we look to compare what seems wrong (e.g. provisions in AL), with what has previously be taught as dogma or certain doctrine.

On Amoris Lætitia in particular, these both provide a good reason to consider it contrary to the Faith, and not merely on whims or like, but solid theological grounds : (which is based on the objections of 45 theologians: none of whom are from the SSPX)

On the other hand, no theologians of any repute have called Humanæ Vitæ wrong on theologian grounds, to my knowledge, but only object on practical or "pastoral" grounds, and while there are flaws in the theological foundation on the document (due to a reliance on the New Theology's personalism) the essential conclusions concur with previous teachings of the Magisterium. Those who object must not only deny Humanæ Vitæ's value, but also consistent moral teachings from the Magisterium for centuries.
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