Primacy of conscience and following the Pope
(06-04-2020, 04:13 PM)Paul Wrote: But, as I've said here multiple times before, Amoris lætitia isn't that hard to figure out. Objectively, adultery is a mortal sin. Subjectively, one who is threatened may not be guilty of a mortal sin and could therefore receive Communion. Figuring that out is for the person and his or her priest to determine privately. Nothing heretical there, so nothing to reject.

I do think that this is a bit of a over-simplification.

It would be rare that a couple would be invincibly ignorant of their living in an adulterous union. It's one thing if they received a declaration of nullity on false grounds and that's only discovered later, and so in the meantime their new marriage was only an apparent marriage and objectively they were committing adultery. In fact, in such a situation, it might be more prudent that the couple not be informed of this because of the damage to the family and children, and the couple be allowed to think they are married (so tolerate the material sin of adultery) so that the family is not destroyed over this. That is absolutely a matter for a priest to help a couple to determine.

It's quite another if they have just divorced and remarried outside of the Church (because the Church would not let them enter an adulterous union), and now they want to live publicly as if they are just a Catholic married couple. Rare if even possible is the case of invincible ignorance there, and so rare if not impossible that the adultery is not also subjectively imputable. If you need to leave the Church to marry, because the Church says that this is adultery, then I don't see how there is any situation where one could claim ignorance.

Are there situation where because of a civil marriage and then return to the Church, a couple cannot separate because of the good of the children, but must refrain from Communion in public to avoid scandal, but because living as brother and sister, could privately receive the Sacraments? Absolutely ...

... but that's nothing new, and certainly not what AL is trying to describe. It is very clearly trying to allow those who are objective living in sin to publicly receive the Sacraments, which is to encourage the grave sin of scandal.
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