Primacy of conscience and following the Pope
(06-05-2020, 04:59 PM)SeekerofChrist Wrote: I've heard horror stories from the time period, like priests dressed as clowns at Mass.  One might think, since you only see clowns at the circus performing a job that requires them to get people to laugh at them and not take them seriously, that dressing up as a clown is to be avoided by anyone who wants to be taken seriously.  But not if you're a modernist priest who thinks VII is your new super-weapon to use against the Faith.  It is no wonder we're in this predicament and how many have left the Faith.
Yes, there were many abuses coming in quickly after VatII in the world generally and particularly in the Los Angeles area, especially after Cardinal Mahoney took over the Archdiocese. My sister went to a "Mass" he presided over, where the stench of Marijuana was thick at the time of the "Consecration". It was certainly, more carnival than worship of God that day.

I fell away from the Church soon afterwards. The turmoil of the nuns in regular cloths, the devastation of the Sacristy and Order of the Mass laid waste to many people's faith. mine included. When I moved to Florida, I tried to get back into the faith and my effort was in vain. I went to a Benedictine run College and sought out a 'good' Benedictine Monk for confession. That was a disaster too, he was anything but Traditional and it set me back farther.

It wasn't until my son was born that my journey back to the Church got going. I met a Marist, Irish priest, Fr. Harte (who became Monsignor and who recently passed away), that was organizing the building of Our Lady Queen of the Universe Shrine (now a Basilica) in Orlando.

I have been much stronger in my faith since meeting him and making him my confessor. I will sorely miss him!
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