Fatima and the Queenship of Mary
In the traditional calendar, the feast of the Queenship of Mary was transferred to June 8 this year because Pentecost fell on its usual day (May 31).

OnePeterFive just posted an article on Fatima and Our Lady as the Queen of Heaven:

Quote:Our Lady of Fatima went against her usual custom of appearing to the seers on the 13thof each month when, in August, she appeared on the 19th. By doing this, Our Lady showed her special affection toward St. John Eudes, whose feast is celebrated on that day. St. John Eudes was the first saint to promote devotion to Mary’s heart specifically in a major way. Given that Fatima was the means God chose to further establish this particular devotion in the world, we cannot see Our Lady’s irregular apparition on the 19th as anything other than a providential encouragement to learn what St. John had to share about our Queen’s heart.

According to St. John Eudes, nothing is more pleasing to Mary’s heart than working for the salvation of souls: “The greatest joy that we can afford the Admirable Heart of Mary, all aflame with love for souls which cost the Precious Blood of her son, is to work zealously and devotedly for their salvation. If the hearts of the angels and saints in Heaven rejoice for each conversion of a sinner on earth, the Queen of Angels and saints derives infinitely more joy from it than that of all the denizens of Heaven combined because her heart possesses more love and charity” [1]... https://onepeterfive.com/mary-eudes-convert/
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Whilst I'm perfectly willing to admit that Our Lady wanted to honour St John Eudes (one of my favourites, BTW), she didn't go 'against her usual custom of appearing to the seers on the 13th of each month when, in August, she appeared on the 19th.' On 13 August the children were in jail where they were being interrogated in hopes of getting them to deny the visions.
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It would only be transferred if it were a First-Class Feast (1960 calendar), or a Double of the First Class (pre-1960). That was due to the 1911 changes by Pope St Pius X. Only prior to 1911 would a Double of the Second Class be transferred.

The feast of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin was established by Pius XII in 1954 as a Double of the Second Class, meaning it would not be transferred this year if following the pre-1960 rubrics, unless one were following the pre-1911 rubrics.

So, I'm not sure what "traditional calendar" you're meaning here. If you mean the one in 1954, then there's no transfer. If you mean the one in 1910, then there's no feast.

That said, taking the time to contemplate said mysteries is not a bad thing.
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