Abortion Opponents Protest Covid-19 Vaccines’ Use Of Fetal Cells
So...why does the use of 'aborted baby parts' in this new vaccine, not surprise me?

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Abortion Opponents Protest Covid-19 Vaccines’ Use Of Fetal Cells
June 11, 2020 by sd
From Science:
[Image: vials2_1280p.jpg?itok=TMLstfx1]Senior Catholic leaders in the United States and Canada, along with other antiabortion groups, are raising ethical objections to promising COVID-19 vaccine candidates that are manufactured using cells derived from human fetuses electively aborted decades ago. They have not sought to block government funding for the vaccines, which include two candidate vaccines that the Trump administration plans to support with an investment of up to $1.7 billion, as well as a third candidate made by a Chinese company in collaboration with Canada’s National Research Council (NRC). But they are urging funders and policymakers to ensure that companies develop other vaccines that do not rely on such human fetal cell lines and, in the United States, asking the government to “incentivize” firms to only make vaccines that don’t rely on fetal cells.

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