David Wood and Acts17Apologetics
Are any of you subscribers to David Wood's YouTube channel, Acts17Apologetics?

To those who don't who he is, he's an evangelical apologist who makes videos critiquing Islam by using direct quotes from the Koran and hadiths to expose and challenge Islam's errors, inconsistencies, and disturbing details that most Muslims either don't know about or would rather obscure. I think he does an excellent job, and I keep up to date on all his videos. I only wish there was a Catholic YouTuber who had Wood's same level of fearlessness and wit in confronting Islam and its apologists.

What do you all think of him? Do you like him? Do you think his style of engagement is effective?
Omnia et in omnibus Christus
Indeed! A few years ago I started to dive into Islam, mainly from the perspective of Islam as a civilizational force forever in conflict with "the West" - code for all that has grown off the foundation of the Catholic Church as well as the Church itself. I went on to study this in grad school since my interest was so fervent.

David Wood was one of my go-to sources not just for his serious deconstruction but for his humorous takes on questionable beliefs/practices. I admire his courage. I also find his style pretty effective, especially in the current age. He has a sort of "troll" approach which I find to be a refreshing antidote to PC obfuscation - but still manages to exude a highly likeable charisma!
While David Wood is a great source of knowledge about Islam, I overlal prefer Sam Shamoun, who deals with all kinds of heresies and falsehood, not being so limited to Islam. He has an amazing memory for Scripture and similar, and also a much shorter temper, which make him a beast in debates, when commenting on all the liberal scholars, etc. This is his channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/shamounian though he also appears in other channels, like Reason and Theology.

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