Survey: Americans not comfortable going back to church
The pandemic was what gave me the final push to change parishes.  We used to attend a very conservative NO parish that offered Latin Mass once a month and on Saturdays.  During the lockdown I had a few Holy Ghost nudges that pushed our family towards the FSSP Church that opened here a few years ago.  I was not the only one!  People are flocking to the parish in droves.  They had to double their Masses.  They are offering 4 Masses in their primary location on Sundays and 2 Masses in their satellite location.  All Masses are packed and there is an overflow in the Church basement.  

We love the parish and are glad we made the change.  Wondering what took us so long!  I had more confirmation as I heard that our old parish is no longer allowing communion on the tongue.  Most Churches near me are only allowing communion in the hand.
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I know so many people who are terrified to return to Mass. Since the bishop has allowed public Masses, I have been every Sunday and at 4 different churches. I follow the protocols about masks, but I'm not in the least bit afraid.
All the people I know who haven't returned to Mass are the ones who don't follow the precepts or moral law anyway.

It's sad for them. But how many sacrileges are avoided now?
The wife and I have not been attending after 2 parish members have died of The Covid.
Our Priest got the The Covid and nearly died.
That is enough for me. I am diabetic. Not going to tempt fate nor God.

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