By Taylor Marshall. Has anyone read that book? Did you like it? I'm just finishing it now. 

I think it's well done and I'm glad I spent the 20.00 or whatever it was for the hard copy. I think it lays out what's been floating around the interwebs for quite a while now for anyone who is interested in what's going on in the Church and why. He does this chronologically and with footnotes. 

What I hadn't known about prior to Marshall's book would be the Sankt Gallen Mafia and the role they've played in screwing things up.
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I finished it a couple months ago.  As one with a keen interest in the modern malaise, I enjoyed it.  I found it to be an informative introduction to all the noise going on in the Church hierarchy in the past couple centuries.  Marshall does a good job laying out the names and events that have lead us to this point in a pretty quick read.  I agree that the Sankt Gallen Mafia and connections to Saul Alinsky help explain how so many evil perverts weaseled their way in.  It also helped me understand that VII , for all its undeniable faults, is not the beginning of the story but rather a turning point for the worse.

I found this critique after reading if you're interested in hearing a counter.  He claims that the book is lightly researched for Dr. Marshall's intellectual capacity, and seems to have been published in a rush, has some inaccurate footnotes, etc.  The guy definitely seems to have an ax to grind, but I appreciate his insight nonetheless.

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I was given an advance copy for reviewing, thought well enough of it that I immediately bought it. Dr. Marshall's target audience is not academic; his style reminds me more of how he speaks. I felt that it covered the ground pretty well. Perhaps meant for giving enough background that your average not well-educated Catholic could get more up-to-speed.
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My opinion of TM is that he presents much truism as sensational revelation. Tough he does say much truth it is often found wanting of charity in delivery. Now of course, this is a sin we are all guilty of...
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