Greetings my freinds
Hello greetings everyone how are you all doing today?

I have an question about donation either money or food well can enyone please tell me what s safe way to donate?

For example we should be carefull to who we donate is that correct since we have to check out organizations if they are safe that way we can see how things are once while i was reading serval articles on net i realised that we should be always carefull yet for organizations which are like

I give example we have organization called

Kruh svete elizbabete socka i show

And it was amazing and nice there when you come plus there s other organization

Caritas have you ever heared of Caritas they are known for helping one another since its church organization but there s other organizatiions yet this is more offical

What s your opinion what you think is best and safe according to people on this forum best to give direct to person whu really need or just both sometimes its good to help someone whu doesnt have but we can give in organization which we know best that is safe?

Another thing have you ever tough how our lord see things since we humans are diffrend way of thinking lord teach us to help everyone whu really need our help while by our human standards whould be serval opposions and rejections

Example if we want to donate something to people in public there whould come evil spirit then do their best to keep us off to donate trough another person it works like this

Hey what do you think that i donate to person whu really needs it example whu is laying on in the park or somewhere or whu prayed and our lord gived us direction if we ask him

Another person whould say no dont do that you cant trust them that it will work what now see if word what if thats danger see how evil spirits works devil do everything to keep us off

Now this was made up just for understanding thank you for reading hope this will make sense whu is reading it

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