Israeli Gov't moving to Shut Down Christian TV Channel
The beauty of chaos, is that the enemy in becoming more brazen reveals their true intentions as they become sloppy.

Israel shuts down Christian TV channel Wrote:Israel is pulling the plug on a new GOD TV channel for failing to disclose its evangelical missionary agenda, local regulators announced Sunday.

The Hebrew-speaking "Shelanu" channel, which began airing at the end of April on GOD TV as part of a seven-year deal, will stop broadcasting this week, according to an announcement by Asher Biton, chairman of Israel's Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Council.

GOD TV announced in April it "made history" as the first "Messianic television channel ... broadcasting the Gospel across Israel in the Hebrew language," adding, "We want every person in Israel to know, not a foreign Messiah, but a Jewish one! His name is Yeshua and He has not forgotten His people."

At the beginning of May, Israeli Communications Minister David Ansalem threatened to remove Shelanu "immediately," calling it an "oversight" issue. Days later, Ward Simpson, president and CEO of GOD TV, announced they were working to resolve the issue.

Now let's see how many Christians will choose Christ over the false Israel.
Religious tolerance for me but not for thee. Will this be enough to pour some cold water over the heads of the Zionist evangelicals?
Israel is the only operating national socialist (i.e. NAZI) state after all. This is no surprise.
"The Heart of Jesus is closer to you when you suffer, than when you are full of joy." - St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

"modern Catholics have tended to put too much faith in the pope and too little in the Church." - Bishop Williamson.
Back in 2018 the Holy Sepulchre was closed by all Christian leaders in order to denounce heavy taxes imposed by the Israeli government.

This is just the continuation... nothing new.
Funny how many turn a blind eye to Israel.
Ite ad Ioseph
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