Learning the Truth about osas, BOB, etc(documents,teaching)
i need to study, by myself, the TRUE teachings on infant damnation/limbo, BOB, BOD, OSAS etc,
when i was younger i "hanged out" with sedes so im very confused, I have the denzinger at home but they claimed its fallible and that Trent isnt.

Id like a list of material,letters from Popes, councils etc, so i can properly study the catholic faith. It will take a while but,well, i have time.for example the dimonds and ibranyi are "crazy" but their books are intimidatingly well-researched!
You'd be better off to skip reading encyclicals and council documents, and go to catechisms instead. Go to this site's library and read the Baltimore catechisms, starting with the first and working your way through to number 4:  http://www.fisheaters.com/catholiclibrary.html
T h e   D u d e t t e   A b i d e s
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There is a huge amount of resources on the topic, with plentiful citations of magisterial documents, the Fathers, and papal statements here : http://www.baptismofdesire.com/

It also includes responses to common objections about the topic.

That said, Vox is spot on. You start learning the Faith and the Truth from the basic sources like the traditional Catechisms such as the Baltimore series. Then, and only then, do you branch out to study these things in greater depth from more primary sources. This is just like you learn Physics. You start with a basic science class and textbook, then you specialize in basic Physics and work through to basic University level. You don't go looking after Einstein's papers to critique them or try, without having any formation, to decide the truth of these as compared with competing claims.

So, I'd agree. While I provide that resource for you, learn this from My Catholic Faith, or This is the Faith, or The Catechism Explained, or the Baltimore Catechism. Don't try to just study theological-level stuff if you don't know the Catechism first.
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