If you repent and turn away, there will be no more sacrifice left from heaven..............

Hebrews 6

Bit concerned, I've gone back and forth with my faith many many times. IS there still hope?
(07-21-2020, 11:51 AM)Petersimon1 Wrote: If you repent and turn away, there will be no more sacrifice left from heaven..............

Hebrews 6

Bit concerned, I've gone back and forth with my faith many many times. IS there still hope?

I'm sorry Peter, it's a little difficult understanding what you're struggling with. Could you please explain a little bit more?
"Especially will I do this if the Lord make known to me that you come together man by man in common through grace, individually, in one faith, and in Jesus Christ... so that you obey the bishop and the presbytery with an undivided mind, breaking one and the same bread, which is the medicine of immortality, and the antidote to prevent us from dying, but which causes that we should live for ever in Jesus Christ." St. Ignatius of Antioch

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(07-21-2020, 11:51 AM)Petersimon1 Wrote: Bit concerned, I've gone back and forth with my faith many many times. IS there still hope?

Are you dead? If not, there's still hope.
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I'm assuming you're referencing not Hebrews 6, but Hebrews 6.4-6 specifically :

Quote:We can do nothing for those who have received, once for all, their enlightenment, who have tasted the heavenly gift, partaken of the Holy Spirit, known, too, God’s word of comfort, and the powers that belong to a future life, and then fallen away. They cannot attain repentance through a second renewal. Would they crucify the Son of God a second time, hold him up to mockery a second time, for their own ends?

And if that's the case, then since we're not Sola Scriptura heretics, left to figure out what Scripture means on our own, but can trust that the Church speaks for St Paul and Christ in giving us the true meaning of this, then yes, there is still hope.

This is not a reference to the remission of sins by the Sacrament of Penance or Contrition being impossible, but St Paul is speaking here about (as Heb 6.2 makes clear) Baptism. One cannot be Baptized a second time. The "enlightenment" in Heb 6.4 is this Baptism. Once Baptized, there is no possibility of a second Baptism.

And this is the only possible interpretation without making St Paul a liar, because many times he speaks to Christians about their evil behavior, and how they need to leave this, and come back, which if Heb 6.4-6 means no forgiveness after Baptism, then that would be a lie.

For instance in Hebrews 12, he tells us to accept "correction" which is temporal punishment for our sins, but if there is correction, there must have been a sin, and if a sin, a falling away, but there is no point to correction is there is not a way to return after Baptism. 

In 2 Cor 2.10, St Paul pardons sins among Christians in the name of Christ, but if he pardons sin, there must have been sins, meaning a falling away, meaning if pardon, a way to return from sin.

In 1 Cor 5, St Paul tells the Corinthians to excommunicate a man who had taken his step-mother in concubinage and would not repent, in order that by punishing him he might repent. He did and the Corinthians welcomed him back. In 2 Cor 2.10, St Paul tells them they did well, and he also grants pardon in the name of Christ to this incestuous man, who, because of his excommunication, abandoned his sin, and returned.

Plenty of other examples could be cited, but St Paul himself is either speaking truly, and there is hope, or he is a liar, and then how can you trust any of Scripture. The Church provides the correct answer here. St Paul is saying we cannot be Baptized again, but we can be forgiven our sins, by a good Confession and Penance.
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Here's what the Douay Catechism, 1649 has to say about it:

Q. What sin is it to baptise a man twice?
    A. A mortal sin of sacrilege.
Q. How prove you that?
    A. Out of Heb. vi. 4, 5, 6. "It is impossible for those that have been illuminated, and made partakers of the Holy Ghost, (to wit, by baptism) and are fallen, &c. to be renewed again unto penance," &c. viz. by a second baptism.
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