A little project
I’m working on a list of works by Fathers of the Church, a reading plan for myself and whoever else wants to use it.

The general theme is:
A chronological once-through of the most important theological works by the most important Fathers of the Church.

I am open to suggestions. I’m looking for the most theologically important works, having to do with the most basic dogmas and doctrines. For example, God’s existence, His unity, the Trinity, Christology, Soteriology, the Church, and so on.

Ideally, I’m looking for works no longer than the Confessions of S Augustine. Any format is fine – treatise, epistle, poem, commentary, etc. If only longer works are available, or the longer works are the most important, I’d like to get suggestions for the most relevant *portions* of those works – chapters, books, etc.

The works should be available online and not behind a paywall. A link to where the work can be found online would be appreciated.

Once I get this finished, I’d like to compile another list for a second chronological run-through of the Fathers.

S Clement – 1st Clement
S Ignatius of Antioch – Epistle to the Romans
S Polycarp of Smyrna – Epistle to the Phillipians
S Justin Martyr –
S Athenagoras – The Resurrection of the Dead
S Irenaeus of Lyon –
Tertullian –
S Hippolytus –
S Cyprian –
S Gregory Thaumaturgus –
S Methodius of Olympus –
S Aphraates –
S Hilary of Poitiers –
S Athanasius of Alexandria –

S Ephrem –
S Basil –
S Ambrose of Milan –
S Cyril of Jerusalem –
S Gregory Nazianzus –
S Gregory of Nyssa –
S Ambrose –
S Epiphanius of Salamis –
S John Chrysostom –
S Jerome –
S Augustine – Confessions
S John Cassian –
S Peter Chrysologus –
S Vincent of Lerins – Commonitory
S Prosper of Aquitaine –
S Leo the Great –
S Boethius
S Fulgentius of Ruspe –
S Caesarius of Arles –
S Benedict of Nursia – Rule
S Romanos the Melodist –
S Gregory of Tours –
S Venantius Fortunatus – Poems
S Gregory the Great –
S Isidore of Seville –
S Maximus the Confessor –
S Andrew of Crete – Great Canon
S Bede the Venerable
S John Damascene – The Fount of Knowledge (Philosophical Chapters and De Fide Ortodoxa)(I have a physical copy of the entire FoK, but I don’t know if anything other than De Fide Ortodoxa is available online for free.)
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