Today i want to share something
Dear freinds on fisheaters forum today i want to share something for you all to encourage you

I want to let you all know on this forum that you are loved whu are today whu are suffering as well in depression and anxiety because in this world there s alot negativity that s why i want you to know

"You are loved" thats  right you are loved no matter how much you sin because our heavenly father love is great that way you all will know that he will be beside us here and forever he will never leave you and know what we struggle

Remember this is about repentance when we sin and confess to not take it wrong way my message even so our lord love everyone good and bad people because each of us have problems in our life but there s nothing what our heavenly father cant do because he is amazing

That s why i want to let you know that even so we have someone in life whu is hard and cant stand our lord still taugh us in matthew to pray for our enemies bless them and do good whu hate us i can understand its hard even my self didnt realise much but i belive that you can do it and even people whu have problem with cussing swearing once i learned this

Pray this prayer Lord jesus free me from swearing (or something like cussing and cursing to) or use Blessed is our lord name works to if you ever had trouble with someone i hope that this can help someone i give example

When you have trouble with someone we cant stand pray in your mind arrow prayer or prayer before starting talking lets say if you are angry pray one our father or even hail mary

Last what i want you to know what s great thing pray hail mary for each person you just meet on this forum and that will be amazing thing and blessing for each of us   Who have ears let them hear

I hope my message will help everyone because this is amazing thing i thank our lord Jesus for this oppretunity and blessing i wrote that everyone else can learn from this Amen
Thank you so much for sharing this!
(07-29-2020, 10:54 AM)Gondothlim Wrote: Thank you so much for sharing this!

Glory to lord our God beacuse he helped me write this message that s why i am happy it was helpfull and joy full
Glory to God!

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