Dr. Fauci cannot answer a simple question [video]
"The Heart of Jesus is closer to you when you suffer, than when you are full of joy." - St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

"modern Catholics have tended to put too much faith in the pope and too little in the Church." - Bishop Williamson.

"And fear ye not them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the soul; but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell." - Mt. 10:28
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Yeah I posted this on the Secular thread to try and get more views on the Liar "Dr" Fauci.
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If one looks into this guy's past, you'd quickly come to the conclusion that he should be behind bars. He is part of the 'plan'. The plan is all about fooling the masses and its all lies. When you have to tout or sell a lie, you have to stick to a script. The lies rarely makes any sense, so you can't go improv. If you do try to wing it, you stammer and repeat the question to buy some time to think up an answer, or smile and distract and ask your own questions. 

Fauci is a tool, an un-convicted criminal who is preaching a message that makes no sense to anyone that goes and does research. The CDC's own website has articles that point out that masks are useless to prevent spread of disease and hand sanitizers may slow spread of viruses, like those that cause gastrointestinal diseases, but not airborne ones.

This whole thing has NOTHING to do with keeping anyone well and fit. It does have every intention to get people used to taking orders, ANY orders, even if it destroys your livelihood, you health, your communities and country. It is a worldwide effort that is beyond being a conspiracy 'theory'. It is now a blatant, in your face, fact.
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Its no wonder truth is stranger than fiction.
Fiction has to make sense
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You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.
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You have a greater chance of taking your own life from isolation due to lockdown, than dying of Kung Flu.

...yeah it's all a lie!
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