Something Very Strange Happened To Me, But I'm Improving
A month ago I felt amazingly fit and even though I'm well over 50 I could still push myself pretty hard when I worked out. Around the 4th of July I was doing these pushups where you try to lean all your weight on one side and then the other, and got a little bit of a pulled feeling in my left shoulder blade. For some stupid reason I did an exercise when I should have been resting it, and paid the price, even though the pain didn't seem to increase right away. Around the 13th the pain really set in and it got worse and worse and worse. I not only had pretty bad pain in the shoulder blade I also had 7/10 scale nerve pain in most of my left hand and elbow. Then the pain travelled into both rotator cuffs, and so I went to emergency. After several ex-rays I was told, I just pulled it and was given a prescription for pain pills and pain patches which helped. But then things got really weird, I got neuralgia pain in my head on the left side, my throat got sore on the left side, and then both sides, and the craziest thing of all happened , I began to experience pain if I opened my mouth too wide. Then the pain went into my neck muscles front and back, my trapezius muscles and my upper pectorals on both sides.My muscles felt like I hadn't worked out for 6 weeks and then did a hard workout, in other words all pulled for no reason. Finally, 2 days ago the sore throats that would come and go went away, and this morning, opening my mouth wide became noticeably easier. Unfortunately I got a little pain in the inside of my left elbow, but I feel like I'm definitely on the mend.  I've injured myself much worse over the years, but this has been the strangest.
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Myalgea can be very painful and take quite some time to get over. Often it can be brought on by accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle from under-oxygenation during exercise. It sounds like you may have had this in one of your trapezius muscle group: rhomboid major, rhomboid minor, levator scapulae, trapezius and latissimus dorsi. Usually the culprit is the trapezius, which is quite large and covers a large portion of your back and has numerous attachments near nerve centers where you had pain later on. As the body absorbs that lactic acid, it spreads out and can irritate those nerve centers. If you don't continue to work that muscle, it takes longer for it to clear.

Practice deep breathing and avoiding holding your breath while excising. As one ages, and I am a bit farther down the road than you and have had this happen to me as well, you have to really help out your body in keeping the oxygen getting to the musculature. Our circulation slows down significantly with age, especially to the larger muscles. Adding some magnesium to your pre-workout fluids can help. Simply adding a tablespoon of Epson Salts to your Gatorade may actually help.

Preconditioning, warming up, can help you overcome this sort of injury. The old bod just doesn't get up and roll like it used to!
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At least 95 pct recovered now, and plan to do a little running this afternoon. Nothing else for at least another week though, then I'll start very light. It's been a very strange last 24 days.

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