What Happened to Sacred Heart Lover?
(09-14-2020, 05:54 AM)Fontevrault Wrote: MyLady, Vox doesn't take steps like this lightly or wantonly.  It certainly doesn't happen often (except for spammers and porn ads).  I can think of several instances where folks have come back after what amounts to a time out. 

In the end though this is Vox's tank and we just swim in it.  You have no idea how much work goes into this place; it takes true passion and a desire to help others to put such a site together.  Trust that someone who spent years of her life writing about the faith doesn't ban people from her site lightly or randomly.

Hhahahahahah yeah I mean she never banned me so I can attest to the truth that it takes a lot.
Local anti-feminist.....if you think women deserve special treatment without any accountability for their actions expect to hear from me!
Although I sometimes disagreed with SHL I'm sorry it came to this.  YouTube has hosted some strange videos in its time and if you start watching one odd video the algorithm can sometimes recommend other clips of a similar ilk so if you watch a load in one sitting maybe they can seem convincing.  I have seen some very strange videos including some which claimed that Catholics worshiped Satan* and that Jesuits were freemasons.  I knew that was balderdash because Catholics aren't supposed to become freemasons. I suppose it's possible a rogue Jesuit could become a freemason but presumably he'd have to change out of his Jesuit attire before he sneaked into the Lodge.  Some of the weird videos seemed borderline heretical to me.  If I watch YouTube videos now they are usually secular if I'm honest but I have used YouTube broadcasts of the Catholic mass to follow a mass on Sunday during the pandemic.  Otherwise I might watch something like marysdowry (English Catholic channel about English saints).  The sound is rather quiet - unless my 70-something ears aren't as acute as they once were.  I've started doing a daily following of the Rosary (only one Mystery per day) watching YouTube vids but I've only done the first three joyful Mysteries so far.

* I don't know how they square that assertion with Catholics rejecting Satan's empty promises when we renew our baptismal vows annually.

SHL did post some cute videos of basset hounds.

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