What language was the Pardon Crucifix originally inscripted with? (On the back)
All of the ones I can find online have English inscripted on the back. Reading into the history of the crucifix suggests that it was originally promulgated in Rome, which would suggest it had either Italian or Latin on the back, by a priest who lived in and was raised in France, which might suggest that, like the Miraculous Medal, it was originally struck in French. With plenty of searching on Google, on various forums, on French Amazon, French Google, eBay, it appears that the vast majority of these crucifixes are struck with English. You can find one eBay listing for one with French, but that one does not even look like a Pardon Crucifix. Does anybody know where the exact one seen on the official “Crucifixes and Crosses” page of Fisheaters came from? I have not seen that image anywhere except on this site. Does anyone live in a non-English-speaking country, that has seen these crucifixes anywhere? How could I find out the original language used for the first Pardon Crucifixes, from the days of Pius X? Who would know the answer to this?
Does anybody have any information on this?

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