Any Fans of The Man In The High Castle??
I started it a few years back and didn't have Vid Angel at the time and quit.

I've heard some say that there may be certain elements of truth in it, only change out Japanese occupation for Chinese and German for Russian.

We know via Operation Paperclip that NASA and other elements of the US government and CIA are Nazi startups.  The west is definitely getting bought out by China.

Have always appreciated the acting talents of Rufus Sewell.

Anyway, I'm starting up again.
I enjoyed the show, but the final season was a big letdown for me. Overall, the first three seasons were strong and enjoyable enough that I basically finished the 4th season on momentum, not wanting to have invested the time watching and then quit.
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Don't loose your time on this thread, it's a copy of another one created by SHL.

I made a quick search after reading the "OP's" name, after all this account has twice copy pasted a thread created by Augustinian.
BenjaminLucas is probably a bot, just making copies of older threads.
Ite ad Ioseph
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^-- Nice catch.
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(09-16-2020, 12:33 PM)Bonaventure Wrote: ^-- Nice catch.
Ya, what he said!
One should have an open mind; open enough that things get in, but not so open that everything falls out
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I don't need a good memory, because I always tell the truth.
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Its no wonder truth is stranger than fiction.
Fiction has to make sense
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If history doesn't repeat itself, it sure does rhyme.
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Those bots have some totally weird hobbies...
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