Is listening to rosary/watching mass online,valid?
So ,im a gen Z and also in lockdown,i want to know if using an audio track of the rosary is cheating or a form of prayer.what about if its in latin? I haven't yet memorized the Latin translation
Regarding mass:does it have to be from the very same day,or can it be a previous recording to have the validity of hearing mass?
I would say no, viewing a previously recorded Mass does not fulfill your Sunday obligation, because you were not assisting with the Mass as it was being said.

As for other things, if you have no way to attend Mass on a Sunday, then you can find another means to sufficiently sanctify Sunday. For example, the few times I have been unable to attend Mass, I would add the Mass readings to my daily recitation of the Monastic Diurnal and do 15 decades of the Rosary.

I don't see anything wrong at all with praying along with a recorded rosary since your intention is to memorize the Latin. It's no different than reading a series of prayers to memorize them. There's no way to "cheat" at prayer, either you are uniting your heart and mind to God, or you aren't. God expects us to do our best when we pray, but I can't imagine Him accepting prayers being said mechanically for the sake of fulfilling a self-imposed obligation.
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It's my understanding that watching a Mass remotely does not fulfill the obligation. You need to 'attend' Mass, i.e. actually be there. However, the obligation has been temporarily dispensed in some diocese, so there's that.

It does 'count' if you attend Mass even if you don't understand the language. I follow the best I can in my missal, but often miss the details when attending a Latin Mass. I also spent about a month and a half in Spain and didn't understand the language, but I met my obligation by attending local Masses.
You cannot fulfill your Sunday obligation watching Mass remotely if you are able to attend Mass. Given the lockdown you may not be able to and your diocese may have lifted your obligation to attend. So given these extraordinary circumstances I would say you can fulfill your Sunday obligation watching a previously recorded Mass or a live Mass (provided it is pertaining to the specific week in the liturgical calendar).

The obligation to attend Mass may be temporarily suspended, but the obligation to make the Sabbath holy is not, so you are still obligated to do something.
The Divine Law (3rd Commandment) dictates that we must sanctify the Lord's Day (which in the Christian Era is Sunday). Because God can foresee all circumstances, it always binds. Thus, we must always do something to sanctify Sundays and Holy Days, under pain of grave sin. The 3rd Commandment does not say what we must do, but only that we must sanctify the day.

The Church's Law (a type human law) specifies that this will be by being physically present and attentive at Mass. Since a human law cannot foresee all circumstances, it only can bind those who are able to perform it. Therefore, if attendance at Mass is physically or morally impossible, there is no obligation to attend Mass, even though there remains an obligation to sanctify the day in some manner. In short, if one cannot attend Mass for a justified reason, one no longer has an obligation for that day.

That is a very important point. One does not fulfill his obligation if attendance is impossible, he simply does not have a Mass obligation any more. He does have a duty to sanctify his Sunday, though.

The moral theologians of the Church have always clearly said that Mass attendance is physical presence. That does not require visible viewing, which is why the obligation was often previously spoken of as "hearing Mass". In large churches one often could not see the Mass, but could hear the priest and sing the responses. Of course, one need not actually hear what the priest says, just be within reasonable earshot, so pre-recorded Masses and even live Masses through TV broadcast or the Internet do not and cannot fulfill one's Sunday obligation. What they can do is help one to fulfill his obligation according to the 3rd Commandment.

Clearly if attending Mass is a means of fulfilling the 3rd Commandment, then watching a Mass is a way to do this as well. So, if one is unable to attend Mass, that would be a way to sanctify the Sunday. It would not oblige, and one could do something else, such as some Spiritual Reading, but it would be a useful means.

As regards the Rosary, to pray along with a recording, if helpful, is still praying. If you are just listening to a recording and not praying along, you may be doing something spiritually useful, but it's not praying the Rosary.
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I didn't mean specifically the Sunday mass , just mass for other days
I want to start the daily mass devotion
I didn't clarify
I’m glad you brought up the rosary part especially as I have also been curious. I try my best to pray a daily rosary, but sometimes I save it for too late in the day and get too tired to pray aloud or give it my full focus. Sometimes I’m able to play a recording and feel every word with my heart, other times I admit I’m only performing a mechanical obligation. Is it better to skip entirely in the second case?
Personally, watching the Mass on TV, for whatever reason, is like watching some one eating a meal on TV. You don't get anything like what the people you are watching do, from just seeing it. At least with prayer, even without watching someone else, you get distinct benefits.
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