"Cardinal Becciu: Vatican official forced out in rare resignation"
With regard to Cardinal Becciu and his brothers;

From the Code of Canon Law;
Can. 1298 Unless an asset is of little value, ecclesiastical goods are not to be sold or leased to the administrators of these goods or to their relatives up to the fourth degree of consanguinity or affinity without the special written permission of competent authority.

Here is more information related to Cardinal Becciu and Cardinal Pell;

Italian media have reported allegations that Cardinal Angelo Becciu transferred several hundred thousand euros from Vatican accounts to an account in Australia during the trial of Cardinal George Pell. 
The cardinal has not responded to the allegation, which CNA has not independently corroborated.
Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported Friday that the alleged transfer is part of a dossier of evidence being compiled by Vatican investigators and prosecutors against the cardinal, who was forced to resign by Pope Francis on Sept. 24. 
According to the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero, the allegations were made by Msgr. Albert Perlasca, Becciu’s former chief deputy at the Secretariat of State. Perlasca and Becciu worked together for several years overseeing aspects of curial governance, including the investment Vatican finances.
Perlasca is believed to be cooperating with Vatican prosecutors as part of an ongoing investigation into financial misconduct at the Secretariat of State over a period of years.

An interesting story on the financial corruption from Marco Tosatti. As I wrote upon posting it: Huh? £20,000,000 was stolen 'from the Pope’s confidential account.' 'Confidential account'? £20 million? HUH, again?!

Big Shot: The Rich Pope in a Church That Is Ever Poorer

From Stilum Curiæ

Dear readers of Stilum Curiae, Big Shot has uncovered a delicious piece of news. That is, he simply read it in La Repubblica; but with his usual acumen, he immediately noted its importance in today’s panorama of the Church in which the principal argument now appears to be – in addition to migrants and ecology – money. I recall that John Paul II, when he died, left much less, only a few things. And if I do not remember wrongly, in his life he never had a bank account, not even as pope. Different times, different popes…

Bergoglio’s “black” funds?

This time the Pope’s newspaper, La REPUBBLICA, perhaps without realizing it, got a big story.

In its anxiety to support and defend the poor pope – a meek, patient, merciful sparrow, innocent of everything, surrounded by vultures who deceive, betray, circumvent, exploit, etc. – it has caused him no little damage by a slip worthy of the most sophisticated experts of religious hermeneutics.

The four-column headline on the front page reads: “HERE’S HOW THE POPE’S MONEY WAS STOLEN” with the subtitle: “They even withdrew 20 million pounds from the Pope’s confidential account.”

We can’t believe it! Does the Pope have a confidential account?

An account of 20 million pounds? (20 million pounds, that’s over 25 million US dollars).

But this would mean that the pauperist, egalitarian, immigrationist, ecologist pope is actually quite rich!

And where did all these pounds come from? And what are they for? And how it is that a Pope has a “confidential” account? In sterling, no less.

Wow, I said to myself, the Pope makes quite a lot, unlike the president of the INPS [Italian social security system].

But why in sterling? Is his salary paid by Queen Elizabeth II? How many suspects –  mamma mia! – thanks to these real estate deals done in London…

When, it is said, John Paul II financially supported Solidarity, he did not do it with a confidential account…

But do you see that these “black funds” of Bergoglio (deposited in a tax haven “alla carbonara e alla amatriciana”) are in pounds because he does not trust the euro and the dollar?

I would also like to point out that Repubblica’s curious, disturbing, and morbid concern to protect Pope Bergoglio weakens the figure of the Pope of the Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church.

But did they just fall for it by mistake or did they do it on purpose? Do you see that Repubblica simulates support for Bergoglio in order to destroy the pope and the papacy? Poor thing, Rafael Brotero will now write, his friend Scalfari also cheated him.

By continually explaining that Bergoglio has been cheated and continuously circumvented in all of his actions by a band of criminals, for well over seven years, Repubblica seems to be defending Bergoglio, but it actually makes the figure of the pope lose credibility, if he has let himself be fooled by everyone, including his friends, for the last seven years. And all this in a church made up of scammers, criminals, and company. Disturbing, isn’t it?

By saying that they stole 20 million pounds from him, Repubblica seems to be affirming that there are thieves around him, but also that he was guarding a treasure, keeping 20 million pounds in one of his confidential accounts….

While the “extremely clerical” Repubblica headlines its exhilarating defense of Bergoglio in four columns on the front page, plus the next two entire pages (“The sack of the Vatican. The Pope’s account was also emptied”), the more secular – and more disillusioned with Bergoglio – Corriere della Sera, instead concerns itself with the real issues of the country (“The industrialists are pressing Conte”), relegating the financial soap operas of Bergoglio, Becciu, and co. to the internal news pages (p. 24).

Readers of Corriere are interested more in poor Italy and poor Italians, instead of the rich Pope in a poor Church – who curiously seems to be of interest only to Repubblica.
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