Prayers for Discerning my Vocation

I am requesting your prayers to help me discern my vocation.

I am a 25-year-old male currently working as an intervention specialist (special education teacher) in a public school working with Emotionally Disturbed high school students who have histories of severe trauma. I enjoy helping my students learn and being a role model for them, but their extreme misbehaviors tax my patience and I don't necessarily feel passionate about the subjects I am teaching.

My ideal job would be one in which I could be social, helpful, and advance the Catholic faith.

So far, I've applied to a nearby Catholic school, but it has been several weeks and they have not gotten back to me (I'm upset, it seemed like a perfect fit). I've also thought about entering the nonprofit sector, but I have no experience in that field and it seems like there aren't many entry-level positions. Grad-school feels like a scary endeavor right now. 

I've also thought about entering the priesthood, but I have a girlfriend who I've been dating for four years now and the thought of breaking up with her makes my stomach hurt. 

And yet I've really been struggling at my job: most days I don't want to go in and during the day I often wonder why it is that God seemingly wants me here.

So I continue to pray to our good Lord for help with discerning my vocation, and, if you would be so kind, I implore that you would do the same.

Yet not my will, but His be done.


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