Archbishop Viganò: Is Vatican II “Untouchable”?
(09-28-2020, 09:51 PM)newenglandsun Wrote: Changed the liturgy in violation of St. Pius VI's degree?!?

You mean like Urban VIII, Pius X, Pius XII, and and John XXIII did?

Popes cannot bind future popes in disciplinary matters, which the form of the liturgy is. Quo primum (in the Missal) and Quod a nobis (in the Breviary) don't prevent future Popes from making changes. Before Trent, the liturgy was largely up to the bishops of each diocese, but with the Protestant Reformation going on, and a danger of the bishops introducing heresy, Pius V put a stop to that and imposed one Missal on the Latin Rite, saving only those rites which were at least 200 years old. Future Popes could and did make changes, since all Popes have equal power, but a priest or bishop on his own could not.

Also, Paul VI's promulgation of the new Mass didn't abolish the old. Go read Missale Romanum - the new Missal is an option, and nowhere in it does he suppress the old Missal. Benedict XVI recognised as much in Summorum Pontificum.
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