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Hello everyone!

I go by Melvin on the net. I was baptised Catholic but raised sunni muslim, I came home about three years ago. About 3 months ago I decided with the help of God's grace to take my religion more seriously and make it the most important thing of my life. The Fisheaters site has been an important part of that. My fiancee and I even used Fisheaters for our consecration to Mary. I love the TLM, and luckily my NO parish has begun a weekly Sunday TLM a few weeks ago. I'm still learning a lot, and my goal is heaven. I can speak English and Urdu/Hindi natively, so if you all have any bollywood scenes that need translating, I'm your man! I look forward to learning a lot here and hopefully make a few friends
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Welcome to the tank, enjoy your swim!

Also, congrats on your marriage to be!
Fascinating - I hope you share more of your story on shifting from Islam to Catholicism. Welcome and pleased to hear about your new TLM! Phir Milenghe!
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Hi, welcome to FE! That's an interesting story, congratulations and I hope you have a great time here : )
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