Who are the Heralds of the Gospel and what are the TFP movement?
It's bound to stir the pot here to make distinctions like "regular traditional Catholic" versus "radical traditional Catholic."

By what objective metric does one determine this, and does that not already suggest that one (you) is good, but the other (the "radiical") is not good?

If it is not an objective metric which can be easily determined through external actions and agreed by most with common sense as a determining factor—e.g. heresy, theological error, schism, rejection of the apparent Pope, election of an anti-Pope, etc.—then it is merely a subjective label, and unlikely to help any proper discussion or questions.

If subjective it would be like saying, "I am a real American not one of those fake Americans!" and then asking if "Group X" were a real Americans or fake Americans? Even if the question had value, it probably would not elicit a reasonable reply from many.

I realize you're new here, so perhaps are not approaching a legitimate question in the best way—a question on the TFP is a legitimate and good one—but I did just want to preface a more detailed answer to your actual questions to help further good interactions on the forum.
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