Who are the Heralds of the Gospel and what are the TFP movement?
Much has been said here on this forum that a quick search could turn up, so not to drag out those old things, let me summarize.

TFP (standing for Tradition, Family and Property) was created in 1960 in Brazil by Dr Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira as an anti-liberal socially-traditional movement inspired by Catholic ideas, much like Le Sillon in late 19th- and early 20th-century France.

Le Sillon ran astray towards anti-clericalism and was condemned by Pope St Pius X, and then dissolved. TFP also became a virulently anti-clerical movement, and it also was condemned by the local bishop Msgr Antonio de Castro Mayer (who later allied with Msgr Lefebvre).

Much could also be said about the bizarre cult-like behavior of Corrêa de Oliveira. Former members, for instance, report that he claimed to prophesy, and directed followers to reverence him and his mother as living Saints next in dignity to Our Lady and Our Lord. Present member deny this, or try to relegate it to a few oddballs in the Brazilian branch.

A former member in a 1983 edition of the SSPX's Angelus Magazine reported that while the group would pray the Rosary together, they never attended Mass together, and while they received Communion daily, it was only given by a layman who distributed it from a huge cache of hosts consecrated by a priest who visited 3-4 times per year. The reason for this is that they suggested that the clergy were all corrupt and Modernist and not to be trusted. The author of that article also said that most TFP people were Sedevacantists. Whether that is the case now or if it were confined to a particular group, I don't know.

It was this spirit that led Msgr de Castro Mayer to condemn them, because, as far as their political action goes, while its prudence in some regards could be questioned, their zeal for anti-liberal actions is certainly not lacking and to a degree, praiseworthy. The problem is that it comes from a bad spirit, since it is all about action and fails to account for the necessary foundation of a good spiritual life which is also a good Sacramental life, which has the Mass at its center.

As a group, TFP is not traditonalist in religious form at all. They do not promote a liturgy at all, since they have an anti-clerical spirit behind them. Some prefer the more traditional liturgy when they do go, because of their traditional political ethics. Some have no issue with the Novus Ordo Mass. So, as regards "traditionalism" they are not really "traditionalists" in anything except their political action, and this comes less from a desire to positively promote certain Catholic principles, but rather an anti-liberal agenda.

As regards the Heralds of the Gospel, they were the product of a group that separated from the TFP, and was a clerical response to this anti-clerical spirit, but clearly took the same excesses from the original movement : https://fsspx.news/en/news-events/news/c...ices-30800

As regards the Papa Bergoglio versus Pope Francis terminology, this is not necessarily an indicator of rejection of a Pope. The Italians, for instance, often referred to the Pope by surname rather than by his chosen name, and it was not meant as a disrespect.
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