Who are the Heralds of the Gospel and what are the TFP movement?
(10-05-2020, 12:01 AM)Confessionalist Catholic. Wrote: Before I ask my questions. I want it known that I am traditional Catholic and not a radical traditional Catholic. I am critical of certain disciplinary and pastoral teachings in the church, but the Pope is Pope and like it or not Vatican II is both valid and licit. (Again I don't like all of the discipline changes).

Now about the topics:

I have just found out/ discovered this group called the Heralds of the Gospel and the TFP movement (Tradition, Family, and Property).

I found some articles that say they are radical traditionalists and others that say they are just just regular traditional catholics. I even found one article that says that they are not traditional catholics, but reformists in everything except ceremony.

So I am getting a lot of mixed messages. 

Here is what little I know, but I do not know to what degree this information is accurate.


This wiki article says that there Heralds of the Gospel are an offshoot of the TFP movement (again still not 100% sure what that entails, except that they are generally traditional at the very least). It also says that there are 2 societies of apostolic life associated with them, 1 for women and 1 for men. The Article indicates that both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict like this group, but that Pope Francis did not, and tried to reform the group in 2017.


This article seems to indicate that the TFP hold semi-fascist ideas. But I have seen other wiki articles claim that many pro-life groups are hate groups when they are not sighting the Southern Poverty law center, which from what I know is a hate group itself.


This is the article I mentioned that said that the TFP are not traditional catholics, but reformists in everything except ceremony. However I am also hesitate about trusting 1 percent 5, because they article seems interesting, but I find it sad that the author refers to his Holiness as Pope Bergoglio instead of Pope Francis. To me this is usually a good marker of someone who is irreverent to the Pope and at least in this guard a little more radical. 


Here is a video that someone sent to me about the Heralds of the Gospel acting as a military guard for a statue/Blessed Sacrament or an ecclesiastical or royal personage. Apparently these habits that they are wearing are based off of medieval crusaders. But I am left wondering besides the Swiss guards who else uses such military ceremony? Are there any good articles on these military ceremonies that anyone is aware of?

Can someone explain to me the (TFP movement and who the Heralds of the Gospel are)? Which of these articles are correct? Where do these groups fall on the traditional catholic spectrum? What was it that the Heralds of the Gospel doing wrong in 2017? Are there good and bad arms of the TFP movement? 

Thanks in advance. (: 

I do my best to understand what you wrote, my english is very basic.
I will read many times to be sure I understand everything you wrote.

Peace be with you.
Louise + + +
Jesus loves everybody.
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