Who are the Heralds of the Gospel and what are the TFP movement?
(10-05-2020, 03:34 AM)Confessionalist Catholic. Wrote: It may be you are right. I only know 1 person in this group and even then, not as well as I would like, so I am [/size]trying[size=small] to be cautious by making a disclaimer. Perhaps over cautious? (: I don't know. 

Probably unnecessary to make any disclaimer. You're a Catholic, we're mostly Catholics here, and desirous to be good Catholics, even if we may differ on how to best approach that. That's why we discuss things here.

"Toxic Trads" from my experience here are those who try to dominate conversations, rail against reasonable Catholics trying to figure things out who may not agree 100% with them, refuse to couch their opinion in normally polite language ("It seems to me what you are saying is very close to X" or "I hope you're not saying X, because that is the X heresy" or "I'm not sure what you mean by X. Could you explain how that matches the Catholic teaching on Y?"). Toxic trads are those who make traditionally-minded Catholics look like nutters.

They are best left to orbit their own planet in their own universe (because many of them are certainly not willing to orbit a sun).

Your own opinions will come out gently in discussions and you can figure out where the rest of us each stand, and then discuss why we think the way we do, and then judge whether to agree or disagree. That's why FE has worked for so long, and why toxic trads are not welcome, even though highly opinionated people are not a problem here, provided we can all act civilly.

(10-05-2020, 03:41 AM)Confessionalist Catholic. Wrote: Interesting so by anti-clerical spirit, do you mean anticlerical in that they are against other Catholic clerics? Le Sillon was from what little I know of them a socialist organization. Does TFP embrace socialism or liberation theology?

Le Sillon was originally a very anti-liberal group (it was formed in response to and in the spirit of Leo XIII's Rerum Novarum) which sought to help cure the socialist influence in the labor movements through instilling Catholic ideas (which often seem in social policy to favor policies nominally similar to some more socialist ones).

Unfortunately, they adopted too secular an attitude, and their Catholic principles slipped away. By the first decade of the 20th century, they had given up allowing the clergy to supervise and guide their work, and as a result it became somewhat anti-clerical (rejecting the need for clerical oversight) and mostly secular.

TFP followed a similar path, which was anti-liberal, but took a more antagonistic approach and so, if anything they fell off towards the political right. Seeing that the clergy of the 1960s tended to be very liberally minded, and that after Vatican II, the clergy as a group more of less went full-on liberal secularist with a veneer of Christianity, they began rejecting the need for the clergy's work. As Catholics they knew they needed a priest to confect the Eucharist for them, but many saw this as a "necessary evil" which is why the report from the former member in 1983 that few attended Mass, and they only invited a priest in a few times for the purpose of consecrating many hosts that they would distribute to themselves without priest around.

That is not to say all are like this, but the general spirit does tend to be against the need for the clergy to lead, and instead sees the laity as the salvation of the Church (which is, ironically, a very novel and liberal concept and fully opposed to history and doctrine). That kind of thing often happens when the balance is off. Fighting against one camp opposed to the Faith, if not balanced, one can easily adopt some of their methods and principles in trying to fight them.

Getting back to toxic trads (TFP is not traditionalist Catholic in any sense), one often sees this. In order to "fight for the Faith" toxic trads are happy to violate the moral law through calumny, detraction, and plenty of other liberal tactics.

(10-05-2020, 03:34 AM)Confessionalist Catholic. Wrote: So is the Vatican going to shut down the TFP and or the Heralds of the Gospel you think? (: 

No idea.

Since the TFP is sui juris and not a recognized association of the faithful, I doubt the TFP would even listen if the church tried. The bishop where they were founded initially supported them, but then saw them for what they were, and condemned them. They still kept going.

The Heralds of the Gospels was canonically recognized. Given they are very anti-liberal in their politics, are known to those in South American fairly well, and Pope Francis is certainly no fan of their politics, I would not be surprised, but then, if the reports are true, it does seem that they may have some real issues, and even if shut down unjustly for their politics, they may have deserved to be shut down for reasons more directly connected to the Faith.
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