Old Souls And Friendship
(Yesterday, 10:09 AM)Momarchist Wrote: I read somewhere that melancholic is the number one temperament for women, actually. The reason that American women who are melancholics don't seem that way is that they are bent out of shape from an early age and trained against their natures. Their socialization is evil.

Really?  I find that surprising.  I'd have thought Sanguine followed by Phlegmatic were the most common among women.  If you prescribe to the Myers-Briggs stuff, however, us female INTJs are a rare bunch!
You can try Meet Up groups in your area to meet people (https://www.meetup.com/). If you have a really high IQ, you can try Mensa (they have special interest groups). Whatever your interests are, go where others who are interested in the same things are likely to be.
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