I sinned
(10-15-2020, 07:27 AM)Christmasfairy Wrote: This year I've sinned mortally
Asking friends and family and everyone has been given grace to not.
Im scared God is giving people more grace and I'm being denied it.
I'm not trying to normalise sin, but has anyone else fallen since lockdown? Again, not trying to normalise such a horror

Well the lockdown does invite people to sin. EMJ mentioned something back in 2000s when the Second Intifada was undergoing. IDF took over the TV stations in Ramallah and began broadcasting porn 24/7. They coupled this with a curfew, so obviously it led to men sinning.

It's no different than the crazy curfews we are having now and our perverted media trying to pollute our minds. Irregardless, solitude is a dangerous place for one who struggles with the solitary sin.

God is not denying you grace. He is giving you the grace you need and the grace you have requested for.

Try and get to confession if you can, if not then pray the Miserere (Psalm 51).
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