Unbelievable Cakes
These cakes are absolutely amazing - and there are many more shown on his website.
From Mike's Amazing Cakes :
Wise Men Cake
[Image: mikecake-wisemen.jpg]
Winery Cake
[Image: mikecake-winery.jpg]
Wedding Dress Cake
[Image: mikecake-weddingdress.jpg]
Steak Cake
[Image: mikecake-steak.jpg]
Sandcastle Cake
[Image: mikecake-sandcastle.jpg]
Knight Cake
[Image: mikecake-knight.jpg]
Frito Cake
[Image: mikecake-fritos.jpg]
Flowerpot Cake
[Image: mikecake-flowerpots.jpg]
Barn Cake
[Image: mikecake-farm.jpg]
Clock Cake
[Image: mikecake-clock.jpg]
Asian Art Gallery Cake
[Image: mikecake-asianart.jpg]
Disney Cake
[Image: mikcake-disney.jpg]
It's amazing what can be done with fondant in talented hands.

Oh wow... those are too pretty to eat!
Who gets to eat the Wise Men's head(s)?
O how lovely they are so beautiful!
That steak cake looks strikingly real.
PsychoMonkey Wrote:That steak cake looks strikingly real.

I know! I saw that cake and I'm like "It's time to saute' some shrooms" LOL.
Quote:[Image: mikecake-steak.jpg]
Wow! That is real looking!
It reminds me of these little cakes, don't they look so real?
[Image: Baby_Rabbit_G.jpg]
I wonder if eating the steak cake does something psychological to you. I mean, you eyes say you're eating steak, but your mouth says you are eating cake.
That cake could very well cause a person to go insane. [Image: pazzo.gif]
[Image: mikecake-weddingdress.jpg]
I love this one!!

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