32-Year-Old Male in Ontario, Canada
Because you miss a hundred percent of the shots you don't take, let's try this out.

Sex: Male

Birthdate and age as of posting date: 1988-12-30, 32 years old

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Would you relocate if you met the right person?: No, work keeps me where I am.

Basic physical description: Slender, about 5' 6" with brown hair and hazel eyes.

Do you have any children?: No

EF, SSPX, both, or other?: EF, no SSPX.  Open to attending a reverent Eastern liturgy occasionally, but I'm not looking to make my parish home there.

Do you or would you attend the Novus Ordo if that's all that's available to you?: Only if there is no valid and licit TLM in a modest distance.  Otherwise, I am exclusively EF.

Patron Saint by Confirmation: Do not have one as this was never instructed to us in my OF confirmation classes.

Did you grow up Catholic? Did you grow up as a traditionalist? Did you convert later in life?: Grew up Catholic, turned TLM-exclusive around three years ago once I moved to a diocese that had it.

Introvert or extrovert?: Introvert.

Keirsey personality type, if known: Unknown.

Ethnic heritage: Irish and French, born and raised in Canada.

Is meeting someone of like ethnicity very important to you, just a bonus, or unimportant?: Unimportant

Is there an ideal age range for the person you'd like to marry? How important is this?: No ideal but given that I am still young all things considered, one with several child-bearing years remaining would probably make for a more responsible choice.

In what manner do you interpret the Church's approval of NFP?: The window for "grave reasons" to practice NFP for the purposes of making conception less likely are extremely limited.  The ordinary practice is that marital relations are to conceive children, and abstinence is the better practice when you are not ready to conceive.

What would headship of the husband look like in your ideal home?: He is responsible for providing the financial support and spiritual leadership.  Decisions, of course, should be made between the husband and wife, but as leader, he has the final say.  This is not a matter of egotism.  In fact, it highlight his great responsibility as the head of the home, a responsibility that should not be undertaken lightly.

What do you think and how do you feel about women working outside the home?: I would prefer women do not work outside the home when there are children to be raised and educated.  In an "empty nest" situation, I do not see an issue with it.

If you were married, how would you want finances handled in your home? (who'd make the money; who'd handle the paying of the bills; would there be separate and/or joint bank accounts; if the wife is a stay at home mother, would she have money of her own to manage, etc.?: I am an accountant, so I have a higher level of financial literacy.  The husband should be the primary breadwinner and handle the bill payments.  Bank accounts should be arranged in the most financially-advantageous manner, so there should be a mix of separate and joint accounts (just separate in name only but accessible to both spouses).  If the wife was a stay at home mother, there should be some amount of money that can be handled by her, but all uses of money by both spouses should be done with knowledge by both.

Can you handle the idea of dating and marrying someone who may have lived a not-so-moral lifestyle before conversion?: Depending on what "not-so-moral" activities were performed.

Is someone's not being a virgin a "deal-breaker" for you?:  Yes.

Of the seven deadly sins (pride, greed, gluttony, sloth, lust, anger, envy), which is/are the most challenging for you?:  I do struggle with pride and anger.  I do face temptations to lust, but I would say I have relatively good mastery of my passions (and I don't say that to brag but as a matter of fact.  It took time to get there).

What would others say are your best qualities?: Loyalty, dependability and dedication.

What would others say are your annoying habits or bothersome attributes?: Being irksome and disagreeableness.

What are the most important things you desire in a spouse?: Adherence to the TLM, willingness to bear and raise as many children as God blesses us with and perhaps even homeschool them.  Also one that knows have to have fun and has a sense of humour.  Modesty in dress is also very important (i.e. no pants).

Things you absolutely would not tolerate in a potential spouse: Sympathy to the OF, a lack of critical thinking skills.

What, if anything, have you learned from past relationships with the opposite sex?: Be on the same page liturgically.

Political ideals: Very conservative.

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration, CPA designation in progress.

Employment: Government accountant.

Health: Generally good.

Allergies: None.

Smoke?: Rarely if ever.

Drink?: Regularly.

Night owl or morning lark?: Morning lark.

How messy or disorganized are you?: Generally very tidy.

What makes you laugh?: Puns, wordplay, irony, cleverly-written material.

What are the little things that please or delight you?: Small gestures done just because you care for me.

What would you like to be doing in 10 years ideally?: Be the father of children, but other than that, continue to establish my career as a government accountant in a senior role.

If you continue on your present course and don't meet the person of your dreams, what do you think you likely will be doing  given your gifts and goals?: Continuing in my government accounting career and providing support to my parish in any way I can serve usefully.

Intellectual interests: Politics, world history, liturgy, Church history.

Hobbies: Motorcycle riding, cycling, reading, traveling.

Talents: I have done some acting in my time.  I missed my calling to be a voice actor.  My kids will get the best bedtime stories.

Top 5 Favorite books of all time: In no particular order, The Way of Perfection by St. Teresa of Avila, The Samurai by Shusaku Endo, True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Kiku's Prayer by Shusaku Endo and the Collected Works of St. John of the Cross.  I'll be honest that's probably not my top five, but definitely a good cross-reference of some of my favourite books.

The last 5 books you read (don't lie!). Are these books typical of you?: The Day Is Now Far Spent by Robert Cardinal Sarah, Nixon's White House Wars by Patrick J. Buchanan, The Greatest Comeback by Patrick J. Buchanan, Marry Him and Be Submissive by Costanza Miriano and Annibale Bugnini: Reformer of the Liturgy by Yves Chiron.  Yes, this are typical books for me!

Music you actually listen to most often: Instrumentals in the broadest sense possible.

Favorite movies/TV shows: "Quiz Show" is the one film I own.  I always liked game shows, but I don't watch much in television of films anymore.

Favorite foods: Japanese cuisine, chicken, Irish beef stew to name a few.

Do you follow any specific food regimen (e.g., gluten-free, no-carb, vegetarianism, etc.)?: No.

Serious pet peeves: Liberalism, feminism, poor work ethics and trads too serious to have fun.

Pets you have, pets you desire, pets you'd put up with, pets you won't tolerate at all: I won't tolerate any pets.

Idea of a romantic evening: Cooking a meal together and reading a nice novel to my wife.

What is your "love language" -- i.e., what makes you feel most loved and appreciated: Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, or something else?: Acts of service.
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