Missale Romanum (1962) & Breviarium Romanum
Just found these two gems, new old stock (NOS), in boxes... Benziger Brothers publishing...

They're Latin-only.  They say USA Liturgical Edition, but the Missal has a Canadian feasts addendum.

About 8" x 4"

Have good photos... these are basically new, they still even have the protective plastic.  Ribbons, etc. are all perfect.

Considering keeping these, but if they're more valuable to someone else, I might just get a bottle of Scotch and a different Missal instead.

Message or post here if you're interested to discuss further....

More details:

Breviarium Romanum - Latin Breviary - Pian Psalter - Aestiva (1946)
Benziger Brothers, Inc. - U.S.A. Liturgical Edition

Pius XII translations © 1946

The spring volume (pars verna) containing the Offices of Lent and Paschaltide to the Saturday of the Pentecost Ember Week.
Proprium Sanctorum - Die 18 Maji (May 18th - 2 Sept.) September 2nd
Proprium de Tempore - Dominica I post Penntecosten - Dominica XV post Pentecosten

Includes original inserts “Excerpta Ex Orginario” and “Pro Commemoratione Oct. Sacr. Cordis Jesu"

N.O.S (new old stock) - mint condition

Light gilding
4 ribbons - purple, white, green, red
Original box and “dust jacket” (marketing paper partial cover-wrap extolling the features of this “new” psalter)

Imprimatur - Franciscus Josephus (Cardinal Spellman) 1944 & 1946 (inserts)

Book is approx. 6” x 4” x 1” add 1/2” for box measurements.

Missale Romanum - 1962 Latin Missal
Benziger Brothers, Inc. - U.S.A. Liturgical Edition w/ Canadian Feasts Addendum

N.O.S. (new old stock) - mint condition

No gilding
6 ribbons - black, yellow, purple, red, white, green
Original box and protective plastic cover-wrap.

Imprimatur - Cardinal Spellman (Franciscus Cardinalis Spellman - 1954 & 1963)
stamp on 1st page “The Catholic Truth Society of Canada”

Boox is approx. 6-3/4” x 4-3/4” x 1-1/4” add 1/2” for box measurements.

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