Pro-Papal States Saints and Martyrs
(11-07-2020, 01:57 AM)PilgrimMichelangelo Wrote:
(11-04-2020, 04:48 PM)Melkite Wrote:
(11-04-2020, 04:07 PM)Ioannes_L Wrote:
(11-04-2020, 11:28 AM)Melkite Wrote: The 1000 year tradition of clergy exercising civil power in the middle ages stands in contrast to the 1000 year tradition of the Church of the Apostolic Age which preceded it.  You're doing what Latins do commonly: you trash an apostolic tradition in order to justify adopting something novel, and then 1000 years later, have the audacity to call it tradition.  A long-standing abuse does not become tradition just because it went unchallenged. 

And you're doing what many Easterns do commonly: you trash the Latin Church.

But you did adopt something novel and call it tradition when it wasn't one.  What kind of response do you expect?

I'm sorry if you think it's trashing the Latin church.  Is it a greater insult to Latins to challenge an erroneous view, or to not challenge it and let them continue in error?

And the East was justified in their innovation from Apostolic tradition of the near apotheosis of the Emperor, such that he was anointed with a sacred ceremony in the altar similar to that by which a priest is ordained, such that he could appoint or depose Patriarchs of Constantinople at his will? Please, desist this foolish potshotting of East vs West. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and we are called to cover the weakness of our brethren and share our strengths with the other in charity. How does this help the unity of the body of Christ..?

Whatever.  I've made my case and, imo, it's pretty open and closed.  There is no justification for a papal temporal monarchy.  It's contrary to canons agreed upon by the Church during the first millenium, and saying it's justified because the pope is 'a special breed' does not counter the weight of the canonical argument.  If you want to go on idolizing a political papacy to your eternal detriment, that's your problem.

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