Offering up fasting for the election
I’ve been doing a black (bread) fast for the good outcome of the election since last Wednesday.  I have to say, I think it actually is helping me in prayer and to put more trust in the Lord.  I plan to keep it up until everything is resolved, whatever that means.

Does anyone have any fasting tips?  While I do feel mentally clearer and more focused even in physical tasks, I’m pretty sure I’m not getting enough nutrition by having a slice of semolina loaf and iced tea.  I looked up fasting bread recipes, and they kind of reminded me of a fruitcake that was stingy on fruit, which to me seems to defeat the purpose of fasting.
IMHO, I'm not sure this fast is sustainable for long periods unless you lead a sedentary lifestyle in seclusion with no responsibilities.  Usually when I fast, I take the Lent approach, eating as normal but giving up several things I really enjoy and resort to for comfort.  Bread, pasta, and other grain products are just that, so I give them up for X amount of time.  It may be more nutritious but equally challenging for you to do the same.  To add intensity, skip breakfast or try to hold off your first meal until noon-2pm.
I've never heard of a bread fast. To many of us Easterners, a black fast is one meal a day with no meat of any kind, no eggs, and no dairy. Some traditions ban alcohol and oil, some are a bit more permissive on them. The meal is taken in the late afternoon or evening.
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