Divine Mercy Chaplet
(11-15-2020, 12:27 PM)Pandora Wrote:
(11-15-2020, 10:08 AM)Augustinian Wrote: This is much preferred to the spurious (potentially demonic) Divine Mercy devotion.

I highly recommend doing a Sacred Heart of Jesus chaplet, rather than the DM. I have my own that I came up with based off of the other versions of the Sacred Heart chaplet, but here you can find one with indulgenced prayers: https://www.virgosacrata.com/indulgenced...heart.html

Just curious, why do you think the Divine Mercy is potentially demonic?  Is it because it is a post Fatima and post VII devotion?  As Jovan said, it is heavily influenced by older prayers.

Maybe it’s the plenary indulgence?  That indulgence is hard to obtain.  I don’t think I’m going to change your mind, especially since if I were a betting woman I’d say you also don’t care for the FSSP, but you might want to read this post by Fr. David Nix: https://padreperegrino.org/2019/04/div-mercy/

As an aside, I do have devotion to the Sacred Heart as well.

It has much to do with the foundations of the devotion, rather than how it was propagated. For example, within the first few entries of Sr. Faustina's diary, we see her enter the convent by the urgings of these supposed "visions" by disobeying her parents. Her parents forbade her to enter a convent, and rather than obey them (she was yet under their charge, mind you), she ran away and joined any way. So from the outset we have a religious life established upon disobedience of one's parents, a mortal sin. And this is claimed to have come from God, who does not permit mortal sin for the cause of good. That is not at all a godly start to a pious devotion.

For comparison's sake, many like to point out how similar the life of St. Margaret Mary is to that of Sr. Faustina. Yet, when St. Margaret was called to the religious life she by no means did so against the will of those who had charge over her. Her mother did not wish her to enter a convent, and as painful as it was for St. Margaret, she obeyed. After her mother died, and with the blessing of her brother, only then was St. Margaret able to enter the religious life after about 3 years.

As for the prayers themselves, I myself have admitted many times that the prayers of the chaplet themselves are good, solid, and pious prayers. The problem here is that they appear to be derived from a separate devotion to the Holy Wounds, and further, the DM itself is merely a watered-down derivation of the Sacred Heart, so it not only has spurious origins but is also redundant in the face of such a popular and powerful, previously established devotion. If there's one thing to note, anecdotally, is that Our Lady called for devotion to her Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart at Fatima. She mentioned nothing of a later devotion, as the Sacred Heart already encompasses that which the DM attempts to expand. And further, the Sacred Heart, since the popular propagation of the DM, has been almost completely eclipsed.

So, while I can't tell you which devotions to practice, all I can say is that there are too many questionable elements behind the DM devotion to even recommend practicing it.

Edit: Before I am met with contrarianism regarding my claims above, here is the excerpt I am referring to from the Diary of Sr. Faustina:
Quote:"At eighteen I begged my parents to allow me to enter a convent; but they firmly refused. After that refusal I indulged in the vanity of life, not paying any attention to the voice of grace, although there was nothing in which my soul could find contentment. [4] The continual calling of grace was a great torment for me, nonetheless I tried to stifle my calling with various entertainments. Inwardly, I avoided God and turned my entire soul to creatures. However, God's grace won in my soul." -Notebook I, sec. 8.
"Then I heard these words, "Go immediately to Warsaw, there you will enter a convent." I rose from prayer, came home and settled the things that were necessary. I confided to my sister, as best I could, what had happened in my soul, and told her to say good-bye for me to our parents, and so, with just the one dress and nothing [else] I set off for Warsaw." -Notebook I, sec. 10.
"The Heart of Jesus is closer to you when you suffer, than when you are full of joy." - St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

Put not your trust in princes: In the children of men, in whom there is no salvation. - Ps. 145:2-3

"For there shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears: And will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned unto fables." - 2 Timothy 4:3-4
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