New weaponry, lasers

Premise is that the army is starting to test anti missile/anti air laser systems. These have been in use by the air force for a few years now, fielded on the AC130J model. The navy system mentioned is an anti RPG system, as well as systems now being fielded on large boats to shoot down both aircraft and missiles.

Taking a break from the election and all, it really is a fascinating time to be alive. Living in the age when we are starting to actually build for and plan to send humans to another planet, and set up permanent structures on the moon, while at the same time we are developing laser weapons, and recently have found a way to re-arrange the structure of soft metals like nickle to be strong as steel but half the weight of titanium. Really boggles the mind.
Technology is fascinating. However, as I get older it doesn't catch my interest much anymore. I might have to look up that metal though.

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