Iota Unum
It is positively reviewed by some who attend Indult type TLMs (but not officially by any NO-affiliated org.), cited in the books from the Most Holy Family Monastery, and it's for sale by the SSPX's Angelus Press. That should tell you something. I have yet to see anyone claiming that the information contained therein isn't true, so I believe it to be a good source of information.
”What happened after the [Second Vatican] Council was something else entirely: in the place of liturgy as the fruit of development came fabricated liturgy. We abandoned the organic, living process of growth and development over centuries, and replaced it – as in a manufacturing process – with a fabrication, a banal on -the-spot product.” -- Cardinal Ratzinger, in the preface to Klaus Gambler's The Reform of the Roman Liturgy: Its Problems and Background

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