The Saga Continues
The Vatican cardinal sacked by Pope Francis amid a corruption investigation is suing an Italian news magazine, claiming that his ruined reputation has eliminated his chances of becoming pope and will undermine the legitimacy of any future papal election.
Cardinal Angelo Becciu is seeking 10 million euros ($11.9 million) in damages, to be given to charity, in a lawsuit filed Wednesday in the Sassari, Sardinia tribunal against L’Espresso magazine, the weekly affiliated with Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica.
The 74-page complaint raises questions about the conduct of Vatican criminal prosecutors, suggesting they leaked information to L’Espresso as they sought to build a corruption case around the Holy See’s 350 million-euro ($416 million) investment in a London real estate venture.
To date, Becciu has not been under investigation in that case or any other, he said in a statement announcing the lawsuit's filing.

Just the fact that he wants to be Pope should disqualify him from consideration.
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Mgr. Becciu alleges a plot;

 In the end, Cardinal Angelo Becciu sued the Italian magazine L’Espresso for a defamatory campaign against him. The complaint provides a series of details to claim there was a plot against the Cardinal. The word “plot” was mentioned, for the first time, by Vittorio Feltri, editor of the Italian newspaper Libero. Feltri used broad excerpts of the complaint to explain better what happened to Cardinal Becciu.

What was the plot? Feltri jots down a theory: that, while the MONEYVAL inspectors had their on-site visit in the Vatican, the Vatican itself wanted to serve on a silver plate a significant head, to underscore the genuine commitment of the Holy See to combat money laundering.

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