Church Document Against Reading Unapproved Bibles
A lot of friends and people (good people) I know don't have a problem reading Protestant Bibles, as long as you're not using it for biblical study. 

I'm fairly certain I've seen that reading non approved bibles is a mortal sin or at least forbidden, but now that the Index is now longer being... propagated (or whatever) I can't just point to that.  Does anyone have any other documents (like excerpts from the catechism or something) that lay this out?
The official notification from the Holy Office in 1966 indicated that : "To respond to the above-mentioned questions, this Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, after having asked the Holy Father, announces that the Index remains morally binding, in light of the demands of natural law, in so far as it admonishes the conscience of Christians to be on guard for those writings that can endanger faith and morals. But, at the same time, it no longer has the force of ecclesiastical law with the attached censure."

So while there is no ecclesiastical crime or censure for reading what should be on the Index, there is still very likely a sin involved in doing so.

In a 1985 letter, Cardinal Ratzinger as the the head of the CDF again confirmed this moral force.

Here is a Canonist's explanation :

Under the 1983 Canon Law (Canon 825) all translations of Scripture must be approved. There is no clear canonical penalty for people not to read unapproved translations, but given that the Index retains its moral force, and Canon Law requires Scripture translations to be approved, the conclusion is quite clear.

Without a serious reason, it would be sinful, and possibly mortally sinful, to read an unapproved or non-Catholic version of Scripture. That, as the 1966 monition put it, is a matter of the Natural Law. One cannot expose themselves knowing and willfully to errors which would undermine their Faith and knowledge of God, which is a demand of the Natural Law because it is the purpose of our Intellect to know the Truth.
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