Funerals during start of covid (april)
My mom passed on Easter Sunday, and waited 14 days to have a veiwing. Then only 10 could come.

My nephew in charge had no mass and no rosary in het hands. She had exteme unction a few months before.   Is she saved?
Im  so sad
Salvation is a matter of being in the State of Grace at the moment of death, not a matter of ceremonies or placing items in the hands of a corpse.

The Sacraments before death are what count if a soul is not in grace, or to help strengthen us against falling into sin. That she received Extreme Unction is a good sign.

We can never know, unless someone is legitimately canonized, that they are in heaven. We pray for them hoping for their salvation (because even prayers now, can be the reason God gave grace to a soul in the past, since He is outside of time).

You can ask a priest even now to say a Requiem Mass for her, he can give the blessing at a catafalque (a false casket representing the real body), and even bless the grave after the fact. You should get in touch with a traditional priest to see about this.

You could also have Gregorian Series of Masses offered for her. It is a pious custom (but not a guarantee) from the time of St Gregory the Great that offering 30 consecutive daily Masses for a particular soul's repose would ensure that they are freed from purgatory and attain heaven.

So, don't worry. Pray, and have hope.
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May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace peace. Amen.

PS you can always have mass said for her and it would greatly help her if you attend that mass.
That was beautifully worded Magister Musicae, particularly the part where you said "even prayers now, can be the reason God gave grace to a soul in the past, since He is outside of time".
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