Is it ever OK to attend a Novus Ordo Mass?
(11-26-2020, 09:37 AM)Pandora Wrote: I’ve heard, and I could be 100% incorrect, that the SSPX considers the NO Mass sinful, attending/assisting at a NO Mass a sin, and recommends praying the Rosary instead of going to a NO Mass.  it goes without saying they do not believe it fulfills one’s Sunday obligation.

Not sure if that's on their books or not, but I do know personally one SSPX layman who asserts that the Novus Ordo is invalid and illicit ("It was never properly promulgated" or some such line is his logic).  In either case, SSPX adherents generally do not speak with any favourability towards the NO.

(11-26-2020, 09:47 AM)austenbosten Wrote: FSSP and ICKSP may have good priests (just like the sedevacantist CMRI) but the reasons for their establishment are suspect.  FSSP and ICKSP wouldn't have existed had it not been for the FSSPX and Archbishop Lefevbre.

No, but had Archbishop Lefebvre not defied the Holy See with the Écône consecrations, the Society would never have fallen into schism and the FSSP would have had no reason to be established because the SSPX could have remained in good standing.

I view the FSSP as more or less the continuation of the original mission of the SSPX.
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