Is it ever OK to attend a Novus Ordo Mass?
(11-26-2020, 10:43 AM)NSMSSS Wrote: No, but had Archbishop Lefebvre not defied the Holy See with the Écône consecrations, the Society would never have fallen into schism and the FSSP would have had no reason to be established because the SSPX could have remained in good standing.

I view the FSSP as more or less the continuation of the original mission of the SSPX.

That suggests an ignorance of the history of the SSPX before 1988, then.

The group was founded with approbation of the Church. It was only after a private conference to seminarians, meant to repair for scandalous visitors from the Holy See who were pushing married priests and moral and doctrinal errors, was published by a French journalist that a group of Cardinals got together and condemned the SSPX for the private statement of their founder, and then told the local bishop he could suppress them. All of these actions were contrary to Canon Law, and yet the suspensive appeal was never heard.

Since 1976, then, the SSPX has been operating but the Holy See considers it a "suppressed" society. If the FSSP is a continuation of this, then they are trying to continue a suppressed society, of which all the founders were members. Thus, while they may have no supported the consecrations in 1988 (which many did—most of the founders attended the ceremonies and publicly participated in them), they were for many years fine with disobedience to the Pope through remaining apparently suspended priests in a suppressed society.

If they see themselves as the continuation of Msgr Lefebvre's work, which their founding documents do, then the second problem here is that they claim they are continuing the work of a man who they say went into schism. That's a pretty silly approach. It's like an English priest after the Anglican Schism, separating from Cranmer and yet claiming that he was "continuing the real work of Cranmer without falling into schism."

I have no issue with the FSSP doing good work and trying to fulfill their mission. I'd ask, though, since you seem to know it, what per se is their mission? If they are just continuing the SSPX's mission, and I'm incorrect in my view here, could you cite their founding documents to describe what their proper mission is?
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